Singularly Italian.
Warm and Vibrant.

Authentic Beauty.
For every day,
for all days.

Busatti dal 1842

For over 170 years, the family-owned firm of Busatti has been producing natural fiber fabrics in Anghiari, Italy. All work, from spinning to finishing, is done in time-honored methods. The raw long staple thread is treated with olive oil before being spun and linen and cotton are dyed on the thread using only Busatti colors. Mechanical shuttle looms, dating from the early 20th century, gently insert the weft-threads, giving fabrics incredible softness. Skillful details like hem stitching, embroidery, fringe and lace are among finishing options.

The result is a wide range of fabric and fabric goods that deeply honor tradition and family, that reflect and translate the natural and architectural beauty of a place, that ask to be used every day, for generations, to enrich the experience of life.

The Busatti process easily accommodates customization and most finished items are made to order. Double width linen and cotton fabrics and finished table, bed, bath and kitchen linens have crafted beauty and evidence distinctive personality. Busatti products are made to be used and are enhanced with use, softening to the touch and retaining rich color and complexity. Busatti provides a connection to a place and another time, transforming today.

Busatti Atlanta

Busatti Atlanta features a range of Busatti products for purchase (kitchen towels, aprons, napkins, runners, placemats, pillows, throws, waffle weave bath towels and select yardage, tablecloths and bedding) along with Busatti fabric samples and Busatti thread colors to guide custom orders. We ship throughout the U. S.

Our Latest News

  • Busatti Atlanta showroom moves to Floataway!
    Busatti Atlanta showroom moves to Floataway!
                          Busatti Atlanta showroom moves to Floataway! We are readying our new space at Floataway, Suite 10A, just inside the courtyard on your left, and look forward to your visits and showing Busatti in a beautiful new space. We will update you on our progress […]
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  • Summer Color
    Summer Color
                      This is a time to add new color to your life, your home, your summer. We are unpacking some new things from Italy for kitchen, bath and table. Pink, yellow, navy, purple, green, soft gray-Busatti colors are vibrant, fresh and fun. They renew and refresh. Summer […]
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  • To Italy for family and fabrics
    To Italy for family and fabrics
                      June offers a change of pace as we find out way to beautiful Italy, first heading south to visit Italian aunts and cousins, then heading to Anghiari to visit Busatti and see new fabrics, plan new ventures, discuss new projects.  Along the way there is some […]
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